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Archive for August, 2013

KONE Inc. is pleased to announce a partnership with the Alliance to Save Energy, a national coalition that promotes energy efficiency worldwide through research, education, and advocacy. Through the partnership, the elevator and escalator leader will support the nonprofit by educating business, government, and consumer leaders on the environmental impact of elevators and escalators in a built environment.

The partnership will be celebrated at the coalition’s annual “Evening with the Stars of Energy Efficiency” awards dinner in Washington, D.C. on October 2, 2013.

“Creating more energy-efficient buildings is a team effort,” said Larry Wash, KONE EVP and CEO for the Americas. “Partnerships with groups like the Alliance to Save Energy are not only a way to educate others on how elevators and escalators can contribute to a greener world, but are also a chance for us to collaborate with industry leaders to advance the common goal of energy efficiency.”

“We’re excited to have KONE on our team,” said Kateri Callahan, President of Alliance to Save Energy. “It’s with the support of passionate organizations like KONE that we’re able to continue advancing our mission of healthier economies, cleaner environments, and energy security.”

KONE is an active participant and a major contributor to the development of codes, standards and guidelines for improving safety, accessibility, energy efficiency, and other important aspects of elevator and escalator products around the world.

Other groups in which KONE is involved include The International Organization for Standardization and World Business Council for Sustainable Development. In addition, KONE has been a national member of the U.S. Green Building Council since 2003, when it became the first elevator and escalator manufacturer to do so.

For the third consecutive year, KONE has been ranked among the top 100 most innovative companies in the world by the U.S.-based business magazine Forbes. KONE’s ranking rose to 37 (up from 42). Of the European companies listed, KONE is ranked as 12.


As the Forbes ranking demonstrates, innovation is one of KONE’s key success factors. “Our aim is to deliver the best customer and user experience. Passion for innovation is an integral part of our culture,” says Matti Alahuhta, CEO and President of KONE Corporation.

KONE has been an industry forerunner with its innovative solutions for several decades. For example KONE was the first company to introduce machine-room-less elevators in 1996. KONE’s latest ground breaking solution is its new high-rise elevator hoisting technology, KONE UltraRope(TM), enabling future elevator travel heights of 1 kilometer – twice the distance currently feasible.

Forbes magazine’s ranking is based on a metric called the “Innovation Premium. One of the developers of the metric is Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen.

The list of world’s most innovative companies can be viewed on Forbes.com.

KONE Destination Control

Elevators move 10 billion people each week. Our very own Kellie Lindquist shows how elevator destination control systems such as our KONE Polaris is improving riding experience in her article published over in High Rise Facilities Magazine.

You can read it online via this link: Destination Control Article in High Rise Facilities Magazine

KONE Sourcing Announces New Partner in Eco-Efficiency


If you’re a regular here at the KONE blog, you know that for us, sustainability is more than a philosophy – it’s our foundation. We’ve discussed LEED certification, eco-friendly products, our history as the first company to eliminate hydraulic elevators, and more. We’re proud of these achievements – but they’re only part of a holistic approach to eco-efficiency, an effort which we call “360 Degrees of Sustainability.”

In addition to greener facilities, a more sustainable service fleet, and the founding of our Environmental Excellence Committee, this approach has included supplier optimization.

Over the years, we’ve learned that when companies look beyond themselves for opportunities to increase eco-efficiency and reduce carbon footprints, the pace of change multiplies. As with all things, supply chains working together toward sustainability become more than the sum of their parts, leaving industries better equipped to combat climate change on a global scale.

At KONE, this means a variety of initiatives that zero-in on each of our supplier’s activities to ensure that we hold them to the same sustainable commitment we do ourselves. As part of this effort, internal programs have been put in place to rank suppliers on a scale of gold, silver, and bronze according to performance, quality and environmental system criteria. We also require them to commit to our Supplier Code of Conduct.

A recent example of this philosophy in motion is KONE Sourcing’s selection of e-Cycle as a supplier for mobile phone recycling services. In addition to its rigorous data protection procedures that ensure devices are sanitized of company data, the company adheres to the highest global standards of environmental protections and has achieved e-Stewards, ISO 14001, and R2 Certification.

Increasing expectations for eco-efficiency will require companies to go beyond simply meeting environmental laws and regulations. For organizations that desire a spot on the leading edge of their industry’s environmental efforts, consistent selection of sustainable-minded suppliers like e-Cycle is essential.

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