Steve Gonzalez

About Steve Gonzalez

Steve Gonzalez is Director of the Major Project Unit at KONE. He is a mechanical engineer, and patent holder with more than 20 years’ experience in the design, construction, analysis and optimization of commercial and industrial building systems, with special focus on buildings’ utilities and infrastructure. Steve conceived and led the creation of KONE’s award-winning Project Management Development Program and the project management structure for KONE’s largest and most complex projects, globally. Steve serves as KONE’s Director of Major Projects, leading the strategy, sales and execution of the Americas Major Projects business. He has been previously featured in various publications including The Wall Street Journal and ConstructionDIVE. Contact him at

I was pleased to see how accessible C-Suite leaders were at the recent Smart Airports & Regions Conference in Edmonton, Canada. People in the organization are very approachable and interested in teaming to improve their operations and the end customer experience. The message from all presenters echoed the KONE position: Customer Experience is Everything. TheContinue reading