Maintenance customized through intelligent services

If you don’t think machines talk, you may be missing out on important conversations. KONE elevators, for instance, know when maintenance is needed. By connecting our elevators to the cloud, by listening closely, and by analyzing their messages, KONE can tailor-fit maintenance to each individual elevator.

The leader in innovative vertical transportation, KONE has joined forces with the recognized leader in cognitive computing, IBM Watson IoT™, to deliver the world’s most intelligent elevator and escalator services to our customers and users. Real-time data and analytics help us accurately predict equipment needs and ensure that our technicians perform maintenance at the right time.

The way buildings are being designed, built and managed is changing. Offering truly intelligent services for elevators and escalators, KONE puts advanced technology to work to deliver improved safety, full maintenance transparency and peace of mind.

Want to hear more? Listen in as our elevators and IBM Watson IoT™ talk to each other across the globe, in a human voice: We translated their raw data into a language you can understand. So now you can see and hear how we monitor and analyze the messages from our elevators. In real-time.

Danilo Elez

About Danilo Elez

Danilo Elez is the Senior Vice President of Service for KONE Americas. In this role, he leads the service and maintenance business in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, while also further developing the service and sales strategy. He also oversees the strategic accounts, industry spare parts and business process change teams.

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