Maximizing healthcare elevator availability

Reliable, dependable elevators are key to smooth people flow – and an optimized patient experience

Elevators in healthcare facilities operate in a uniquely challenging environment. Serving everything from surgical suites to helipads, meeting the needs of patients and visitors of all ages, playing a key role joint commission inspections and infectious disease/sterilization control, these elevators must be reliable, dependable and deliver exceptional availability.

The prospect of downtime (or extended downtime) simply does not exist for elevators in healthcare environments – especially those serving critical units, like surgery or helipads. Routinely used to transport people in life-and-death situations, the elevator is an integral link in the transportation chain, and one as important as the ambulance or helicopter.

A proactive elevator service program maximizes equipment availability – and optimizes the patient’s experience. Learn how the KONE performance-based maintenance system can help your healthcare facility achieve its goals at


Bruce Norden

About Bruce Norden

Bruce Norden is Director of the Healthcare & Industrial Verticals for KONE Americas.

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