Quick Tips for Keeping your Dog Safe on Elevators and Escalators

Dog safety picMany of us here at KONE are pet owners, and while we talk a lot about elevator and escalator end-user safety, one end-user you might not have considered is man’s best friend. Not all dog owners understand the possible risks to their pets when using elevators and escalators, and unfortunately, accidents can happen. By following the quick guidelines below and taking proper care, owners can safeguard their dogs’ safety:

1.      Never let a dog enter an elevator unaccompanied. Also remember the floor button should not be pushed until you, the dog and its leash are all completely inside the elevator.

 2.      Take an elevator or the stairs over an escalator. Taking your dog on an escalator could result in injury for you and/or your dog.

 3.      Walk your dog in and out of the elevator beside you on a short leash held with a tight grip: Accidents can occur when leashes get stuck between the doors so handle your leash with care.

4.      Train your dog where to sit: When waiting for the elevator, train your dog to sit facing the elevator doors. When inside, it is best for dogs to sit at the rear of the elevator, as far from the doors as possible.

If an emergency does occur, act fast. If there is a danger of choking, release the dog from its collar as quickly as possible. If the dog is alone in the elevator and its leash is caught between the doors, push the call button immediately. If the elevator car is already in motion, let go of the leash.

If the leash gets stuck between the doors and both you and your dog are inside the elevator, quickly push the stop button, then the emergency button. The fastest way to get help is to call the service number of the maintenance company in charge of the elevator. Remember to stay calm – help is on the way.

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