Two myths about elevator doors

Many passengers believe they can effectively stop an elevator door that’s in the process of closing – and nearly as many are unaware of the danger of sticking a hand or foot into doors as they close.
A lot of people don’t think twice about trying to stop an elevator door that’s in the process of closing, but they should. Such behavior can lead to injury or property damage.
It’s important to remember – and to help others remember – that elevators are machines. When you stick a hand in the door to hold it open, you run a risk of injury from a machine that is designed to operate in a specific manner.
Consider signage to educate passengers. Provide training to those who are involved with elevators during periods of heavy use, such as move-in/move-out cycles. Find out what type of safety devices are installed on your elevator doors, and consider upgrades if indicated.
Ultimately, the best elevator experience is a safe experience – one you don’t have to think twice about!

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