Winning with customers means staying true to our roots

In 1892, two brothers – James Montgomery and Alexander Montgomery – staked all they had to form Moline (Ill.) Elevator Co. Producing hand-powered elevators and providing machine shop services, the Montgomerys were quick to adopt new technology and soon produced their first electric elevator with double belt drive and tiller rope control.

Today, 125 years later, the company the Montgomery brothers built – Montgomery Elevator – remains at the heart of KONE Americas. The fourth largest elevator company in the U.S. when it was acquired by KONE in 1994, Montgomery built a reputation on superior customer service.

That tradition lives on in everything we do. As we work to improve the flow of urban life today and in the future, winning with customers is an essential focus. Through collaborative innovation and new competencies, customer-centric solutions and services, a true service mindset, and fast and smart execution, we are committed to delivering superior value.

That value is not created through one-size-fits-all solutions. Our customers depend on us for collaborative, co-created solutions, solutions driven by customer insight – and fully supported through intelligent processes and innovative technologies. When we do that, we provide value our competitors can’t match – and that’s truly winning with customers!

Jay Dietz

About Jay Dietz

Jay has been with KONE for over 20 years and leads our U.S. East Region, including 27 branch offices.

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  1. Great comments Jay and historical insight everyone can learn from.
    We at KONE believe in stories to tell, and this is a good one.
    Love your last paragraph – very meaningful and true. That strong customer insight/continuing story remains firmly based in our future with KONE.

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