Keeping your customer satisfied

Smart Building Management helps optimize all-important tenant experience

The changing face of the commercial real estate market requires a nimble approach from property management. Today, tenant experience is everything. Quite simply, today’s property managers must manage improvements and customize building environments to attract new tenants and keep existing tenants happy.

At the same time, the workplace environment is also evolving. Traditional tenants, those who come into the office on a daily basis, still exist. But an increasing number of employees work offsite. Office sharing in commercial properties is a growing trend. For each type of client, efficiency and time constraints are a major focus. Employees need to get to and from their destination as efficiently as possible.

Behind the scenes, the power of Smart Building Management never sleeps. By protecting an investment and creating an optimal first impression, Smart Building Management predicts potential issues, drives an evolution in processes from reactive to predictive, and delivers analytics that help spur action. The result? Better peace of mind and confidence through realtime transparency to operations. Learn more at

Todd Boever

About Todd Boever

Todd is the Office Vertical Market Business Director for KONE Americas.

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